How many of us have heard of brushing our tongues? Everyone has heard of brushing their teeth. That is just as crucial if not more than brushing our teeth! Numerous studies demonstrate how frequently cleansing your tongue helps minimize the nasty mouth bacteria that cause halitosis, a coated tongue, plaque buildup on your teeth, and other oral health issues.

So, how should your tongue be cleaned? The best instrument to utilize would be tongue scrapers. Tongue scrapers come in various sizes, colors, and forms and are easily found in most drug and general stores. To clean your tongue, however, you can also use toothbrushes (the bristles/back of toothbrush heads) and mouthwashes if you don’t feel comfortable using tongue scrapers.

To wipe your tongue:

  1. Carefully position the tongue scraper as far back as possible while being mindful not to trigger a gag reflex.
  2. Ensure you brush the entire language, including the dead cells and bacteria coating.
  3. Continue by softly scraping the tongue in a forward-to-back motion.

If using a toothbrush, place it at the back of the tongue like a tongue scraper. Apply toothpaste on the toothbrush, then lightly brush your tongue from back to front. To make it easier to reach the back, it helps to stick your tongue out of your mouth as much as possible. If you need help deciding what to brush first, start with your language and work up to your teeth. Be cautious and delicate when scraping; excessive or forceful scrubbing may even cause harm to the tongue’s or taste buds’ receptors.

At least twice daily, in the morning and before bed, brush your tongue as frequently as you brush your teeth.

A gag reflex prevents many individuals from brushing their tongues, but if you know the locations that trigger the response, such as the palate, you can avoid them. If you don’t brush your tongue, you’ll most likely encounter halitosis, followed by tongue coating.

Once or twice a day, after brushing your teeth and tongue, rinse your mouth with mouthwash that has an antibacterial ingredient. It’s a surefire technique to eliminate bacteria, lessens plaque buildup on your language, and improve breath freshness.

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