An honest smile is considered one of the most effective markers of warmth, friendliness, and contentment. It is almost magical in creating a sense of well-being for the one who smiles, and the one being smiles sits. As we are social beings, a smile helps establish and maintain social relationships; it is one of the most memorable things in interactions, friendships, and marriage!

When do you need a Smile Makeover or Reconstruction?

Are you scared that your smile is not good enough? There could be one or many reasons for wanting a smile or correction! Listed below are some of these:

1. You do not like the size or shape of your tooth

2. Your tooth color is not as white as you would like. There are spaces between your front teeth

4. Your teeth are not properly arranged or are angulated differently

5. You have a cavity in any of your front teeth

6. You have damaged or chipped your teeth in an accident, fall or fight

7. You have age- or habit-related wearing down of your front teeth

8. Your gums are too low or high on your front teeth. That is known as the GUM LINE. So, you can get a smile correction if you believe you have a low gum line (receding gums from wear or age) or a high gum line (a gummy smile).

Why go for a Smile Reconstruction?

A smile makeover or reconstruction aims to improve your smile by positioning your teeth in an attractive smile arch, creating the ideal gum-to-tooth curve, and establishing or maintaining a good bite.

Who to go to for a Smile Makeover or Reconstruction?

A periodontist, an endodontist, an oral surgeon, or a prosthodontist should be on the dental team at your smile reconstruction clinic. Ethereal Dental Hub, Chennai, offers you all types of specialists in smile reconstruction surgery in one location for you, even though there are many smile makeover clinics in Chennai.

What are the procedures involved in Smile Makeover or Reconstruction?

Numerous permutations and combinations are recommended based on the requirement of the patient. Some of them are:

1. TEETH WHITENING is currently the most common procedure in cosmetic dentistry! After a teeth-cleaning or scaling operation is done by your dentist, a professional “take home” bleaching kit might be offered by your dentist. It allows you to whiten your teeth at home and is completely safe.

2. Composite resin, a tooth-colored filling material, can enhance smile aesthetics at a reasonable price while providing good clinical performance.

3. PORCELAIN VENEERS can solve many of your smile problems! Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin layers of porcelain that are joined onto the front of the teeth with an adhesive. Porcelain is superior to all other restorative materials because it resembles tooth structure almost exactly. It can withstand wear and staining and last many years because it is harder than enamel. These work wonders to fix minor tooth stains, discolorations, and wear and tear. These can also be used to lengthen teeth, close spaces between teeth, and frequently serve as an alternative to wearing braces. Because teeth can be straightened (and whitened) using porcelain veneers in just two appointments as opposed to the typical one to three years it takes for braces to operate, veneers are sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics.”

4. A dental crown, or “cap,” is a device that is formed like a tooth and is used to cover damaged or worn teeth to restore their shape, strength, size, and, most surely, their beauty.

5. Orthodontics (braces) align teeth that are misaligned or crooked. As the name implies, Invisalign is an invisible braces system consisting of 12 to 30 transparent plastic trays, each of which functions as a “straighter” version of the previous one. These trays must be worn throughout the day, except when you eat and brush your teeth. The trays fit neatly over the teeth, so they are not noticeable and do not affect speech.

6. ORAL MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY AND GUMMY SMILE REDUCTION procedures include gingivectomy, crown-lengthening surgery, laser gum contouring, and full mouth rehabilitation surgery.

What are the steps involved in Smile – Makeover/ Smile Reconstruction?

1) As with any smile rehabilitation, a series of photographic images will be taken as a first step to help the team understand the desired changes to your smile and to guide them through the treatment plan. Before the rehabilitation procedure is scheduled, explaining what you hope to achieve in your dentist’s smile reconstruction is a good idea.

2) For accurate study models, both intraoral (inside the mouth) and full-face photographs, as well as impressions, must be taken (almost like a copy of your dental arches in dental material). Based on this information, your dentist will analyze your smile (your teeth and the soft tissues surrounding them) and create a treatment plan to address all the aspects of your smile that require improvement.

3. A dental crown, teeth whitening, braces, composite (tooth-colored) veneers, or restorations can all be used to improve your smile.

4) Provisional restorations will be given. To prevent your prepared teeth from looking bare, a provisional restoration is a temporary restoration placed in place until your permanent restoration arrives.

5) Your smile team will bond the final ceramic restorations.

6) Periodical Recalls will be followed up with your dental Clinics in Chennai to ensure you and your new smile are doing well!

What to expect after a Smile Makeover?

Remember, adjusting what it feels and will look like may take time! Whenever the bite is changed or the position of the teeth is varied, it will take some days for your brain to recognize this as a regular pattern.

Following the below will ensure a speedy recovery:

• Warm salt water rinses several times daily will reduce pain and swelling and keep your mouth clean.

• If you are still experiencing pain after your reconstruction, your dentist may recommend a mild painkiller.

• Regular brushing, flossing, and regular scaling appointments with your smile makeover dentist are necessary!

• Avoid hard foods and habits such as using teeth to open bottles, cracking open nuts, chewing ice, fingernails, or pencils.

• Smoking and certain beverages such as tea and coffee will stain your new teeth.

• While engaging in sports or contact activities, ask your smile makeover dentist for a mouth guard.

• A night guard will help damage your smile reconstruction from grinding while sleeping.

In case of any problems or concerns, your Smile Reconstruction team at The Ethereal Dental Hub, Chennai, will be there to help and guide you!

What is the smile makeover Price in Chennai?

The cost of your full mouth rehabilitation, full mouth reconstruction, smile reconstruction, or smile makeover will depend on the type of treatment you opt for. Our dental care plans come with world-class services, the latest technology, and tailor-made therapies that provide you the worth of the fee paid and a bright new smile full of potential. Be assured our full mouth rehabilitation Dental Clinic in Chennai will take good care of you, with assured quality and results!

Why pick Chennai’s Ethereal Dental Hub?

The main challenge that your smile makeover dentist faces is recreating a smile that matches your facial appearance and your personality! A tremendous challenge, indeed! Along with the promised results, we ensure your comfort and full recovery. For a treatment to go smoothly, one needs a combination of expertise, up-to-date technology, world-class procedures, environment to heal, and this is what we ensure on your behalf so that the only thing you have to worry about is the next cuisine you are going to try post-healing!

Do we have to say more call or visit The Ethereal Dental Hub, Chennai, for a treatment that will prioritize your satisfaction over everything else!

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