Root Canal Therapy/ Treatment

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Are you having trouble sleeping at night because of tooth pain?

Rather than taking painkillers every night to get some rest, why not address the root cause of the pain?

Is there any option other than a root canal treatment for the pain? Of course, there is! But that won’t be a permanent solution. Moreover, you will let infection to stay in your body that can led to various degrees of complications. 

Placing clove or taking pain killers would relieve you of pain but it won’t remove the infection. The chance of recurring infection would be high which would eventually lead you to spend more later.

A root canal treatment will save your tooth by removing dead or infected tissue and restoring the tooth with a medicament and filling. The procedure is usually done in one or more visits over a period of time, but it’s definitely worth it as you would  be able to sleep through the night peacefully.

The component inside your teeth (Pulp) has blood and nerves nourishing your teeth and keeping it strong would get infected and inflamed due to a wide array of reasons, including tooth decay, cracks present in the tooth, severe gum disease, or damage suffered during trauma. A root canal treatment is meant to remove all of these problems from your mouth and ensure that you get rid of the pain to lead a healthy life.

A root canal treatment involves removing the affected pulp from your tooth in order to relieve discomfort and prevent infection from spreading. It’s a simple procedure that would be done under local anaesthesia and will provide you with complete relief from severe tooth pain. We also have Laser Root Canal Treatment that would be more efficient, effective and comfortable for our patients.

When Is A Root Canal Treatment Needed?

You might need a root canal treatment when there’s damage to your tooth’s pulp due to:

– Deep decay

– Repeated dental procedures on a tooth

– Crack or chip in a tooth

– Trauma to a tooth

There are multiple steps to this procedure, which takes place over a series of appointments:

– The dentist accesses the pulp chamber and removes any decay.

– They clean out any bacteria or debris from inside your tooth.

– The interior roots are also cleaned out, then filled with biocompatible material.

– A temporary filling is applied to protect the area until your final restoration can be

This might seem like a long process, but rest assured that once it has been completed, your teeth will never cause you any kind of pain again.

If you are suffering from an infected root canal, it can pose several issues for your overall health. The infection may spread throughout the body and cause serious issues if you do not get it treated immediately. Therefore, it is always better to treat it before things get out of hand.

Prevent further deterioration of your health by being proactive and getting the right treatment which you deserve at Ethereal Dental Hub.

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