Does halitosis result from intermittent fasting?

We are all concerned about foul breath or HALITOSIS!Several factors can contribute, including a person’s tongue covering, saliva, gum, or periodontal issues. Bad breath may be caused by several conditions, including a terrible cold, a cough or fever, mouth breathing, digestive problems, eating foods with strong odors, and other systemic illnesses.But are you aware that […]

Can broken teeth be repaired?

If your initial question is, “Can teeth even be fractured?” the answer is yes! In addition to bones, teeth can also break. A bad fall, an accident, a fight, contact sports, or even severe decay can result in tooth fracture. It can range from a minor chip to a fracture affecting the pulp or internal […]

What makes teeth decay?

Do you have a cavity in one or more of your teeth? In dentistry terminology, this is dental caries or tooth decay. It happens when microorganisms in your mouth that cause tooth decay harm your tooth. These microorganisms produce acids, attacking the tooth’s outer surface enamel. When this demineralization occurs repeatedly, a little hole in […]

Do you need to brush your tongue?

How many of us have heard of brushing our tongues? Everyone has heard of brushing their teeth. That is just as crucial if not more than brushing our teeth! Numerous studies demonstrate how frequently cleansing your tongue helps minimize the nasty mouth bacteria that cause halitosis, a coated tongue, plaque buildup on your teeth, and […]

How does too much chocolate cause tooth decay?

Who can refuse or reject chocolate? No one! And certainly, it is both every mother’s worst nightmare and every child’s dream.One of the main dietary causes of tooth decay is the frequent nibbling of chocolates, especially sticky, sweet, and long-lasting varieties. This increases the time acids come into contact with the tooth’s surface. They contain […]

choices for decayed teeth treatment

A Cavity Is Not All That It Is! Unfortunately, when one notices it, it is too late to avoid needing root canal therapy, which involves treating the entire tooth. Health issues and poor quality of life can result from tooth decay. Those with cavities are more susceptible to throat, sinuses, and ear infections. Tooth decay […]

What Is Nursing Bottle Caries?

Baby bottle tooth decay, sometimes called nursing bottle syndrome, is a kind of teeth disease affecting young children. It is a type of early, severe childhood caries brought on by consuming liquids with fermentable carbohydrates frequently or continuously, such as feeding formula or breast milk. This decay is especially seen in children constantly falling asleep […]


An honest smile is considered one of the most effective markers of warmth, friendliness, and contentment. It is almost magical in creating a sense of well-being for the one who smiles, and the one being smiles sits. As we are social beings, a smile helps establish and maintain social relationships; it is one of the […]

A 3D Smile

The Smile is typically one of the first things the beholder notices. As the adage goes, “Beauty rests in the eyes of the beholder”! A genuine grin is one of our body language’s most significant and potent projections and is contagious. Smiling is the first step in building relationships.Your Smile conveys who you are if […]

Design by Digital Smile (DSD)

If beauty is strength, a smile is its sword, so the saying goes. Of course, we don’t want our grins to turn into swords, but it is obvious. Having a strong, attractive grin in our personal and professional lives is beneficial. When it comes down to it, smiles may win over hearts, souls, and, yes, […]